A set of 2 PCBs.

Generates two continuously varying random voltages, two pulse actuated unpredictable voltages, and audio noise with three spectral distributions.

The bandwidth (probable rate of change) of the varying random voltages is voltage controllable over a range of .05 to 50 Hz, making possible changes that range from barely perceptible movement to rapid fluctuation.

The output of each random voltage source is a constant voltage; this voltage assumes a new unpredictable value each time an input pulse is applied. Variable correlation limits successive changes without altering range.

Noise comes in three flavors. White noise is electrically flat, but acoustically balanced toward the high end of the spectrum (+3 dB/octave). Integrated white noise has a low spectral bias (-3 dB/octave). Musically flat noise has a flat spectrum (constant energy per octave) and is a particularly useful source for subsequent processing.

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