Q: How much does shipping cost? What about sales tax?
A: Worldwide shipping is free for all orders over $99.
Below that and the website should calculate the shipping rate.
Sales tax is charged only for orders shipping to California. Currently the rate is 10.25%. We do not charge tax to other countries, but import customs might depending on the country. This is the responsibility of the buyer.
Q: Do you sell kits or panel?
A: We sell only printed circuit boards and front panels but not complete part kits. Some DSP-based effect modules like the 277 come with pre-programmed EEPROMs. You still can source the parts yourself at Mouser, Digikey, Tayda etc.
Q: Where can i get Rogan knobs?
You can purchase them here. Black Davies knobs are sold at Mouser.
Q: How close is the circuitry to the original vintage modules?
A: As close as possible. Some modules have modern replacements of the semiconductors if it doesn’t affect the sound. Some effects modules are using DSP but work the same way as they are supposed to work (or even better).
Q: I want a pre-built module, can you help me?
A: We do not offer built modules but may in the future. Feel free to send us an email.
Q: Would you assist in a build if I have questions?
A: A step by step building and calibration tutorial with pictures is to be published for each module. We also can recommend someone who can debug the module if something goes wrong but they may charge for their time.
Q: I’ve built the module but don’t like how it works. Can I have a refund?
A: Sorry but returns are not accepted. We cannot resell modules built by others. You may try to resell the build at the usual online marketplaces.
Q: Do you have any affordable case and power supply solutions?
A: We do sell power supply PCBs but not cases.
Q: Are these kits compatible with modern B&A or BEMI cabinets are modules?
A: Yes, they use the same panel format and power supply connector.
Q: Can I do my own panel?
A: Yes, but you have to make your own graphics. We only provide drilling templates. Holes are marked by the color black, while reds are countersunk holes for M3 flat-head screws.
Q: Where can I buy rare semiconductors?
A: We recommend UTSOURCE for this.
Q: What about knobs?
A: Black Davies knobs are in stock at Mouser. Blue/red Rogan knobs are usually offered for group-buys on MUFFWIGGLER.
Q: Hardware?
A: SMALLBEAR is offering hardware parts for the modules, including potentiometers, banana jacks, screws, standoffs, switches and vactrols. Vactrols are not hardware, they are optocouplers, but Smallbear is one of the few stores that stock them.
Q: What do i need to build a kit besides the parts, pcbs and panels?
A: You’ll need a soldering iron, solder (regular and a thin one for SMD), de-soldering pump, flux, side cutters, a set of screwdrivers, colored wire (black, white, red, green, orange, brown, yellow), heat shrink tubes, zip ties, tweezers, 10mm and 11mm wrench, 11/32” and 3/8” nut driver, a multi-meter and an oscilloscope. The 296 module also requires a signal generator for calibration, but you may use an existing 258/259 oscillator and a frequency measuring multi-meter or a scope.