A set of 3 PCBs, incl. a PCB for a breakout panel for mounting the reverb tanks outside the cabinet.

Two electronically separate units for reverberating and equalizing audio signals. Monitored inputs, separate reverberated and equalized outputs, and a voltage controlled mixed output are provided. 

The reverb section employs specialized circuitry, shielding, and mounting provisions to insure low distortion response and extended spectral and dynamic range. Tone controls have a range of +/- 10 db at 50 Hz and 10 kHz. 

Reverberation is voltage controlled, with two operating modes. In near mode, increasing voltage simply increases the degree of reverberation. In the recede mode, the control voltage affects the amplitude as well as the reverberation. A sound appears to approach with increasing voltage and recede (into oblivion) with decreasing voltage. 


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