Magnetic Freak Gaussian


The Gaussian by Magnetic Freak is a fully controllable, random signal generator and a powerful CV processor available in the 4u format. By setting the Gaussian
distribution and playing with the time you can get a variety of evolving patterns to control your sound sources and other modules.

The development started when the designer was working on a simulation of the CERN particles beam using Gaussian distributions. The natural shape of this distribution and the random sampling process associated with it makes it a unique tool, providing your modular synth with a large type of modulation sources.


Power supply consumption: +15V 100mA , -15V 50mA , +5V 100mA.
CV output range: [0V to 10V]
CV input range: [0V to 10V]
PULSE output: 10V pulses are emitted
Corresponding PULSE LEDs help to visualize their respective timing.
CLK IN is a Clock input [threshold 0.8V], pulses are accepted.
Panel Size: 1U BUCHLA system standard width
Slotted fixation holes diam 3.2mm

See the manual for in depth details about the module.